• 8 key factors to a good perm

    things to look out for


    Your stylist aka the Pyschologist

    It is essential that the stylist understands what you want. Thus it is important for the stylist to listen and clearly understand what you have in mind. It is important that the stylist asks alot of questions to understand your needs in depth. If you dont feel that you have the rapport with your stylist, dont feel shy to ask for a change in stylist than to continue the service in doubt.


    Your stylist aka the Archaeologist

    Your stylist will need to study your hair to understand the nature of your hair in details. Also, he/she will need to dig into the history of what has been done previously. This will determine what is possible and suitable. It is important that you share with him/her frankly.


    Your stylist aka the Designer

    Don't belittle the haircut, although this is a perm service. The CUT determines the shape and overall design of the curls. Without a good haircut, it is impossible to achieve a good perm. Hair that has natural frizz will also not be suitable for haircut with too much layers.


    Your stylist aka the Chemist

    Choosing the right strength of perm chemical to put at the different parts of the hair and leaving it on at the right amount of time is crucial to make sure that the hair is not overprocessed or underprocessed. Hair that is overprocessed will be "fried" while hair that is under processed, the curls might turn our looser than expected or may not even turn out.


    Your stylist aka the Engineer

    Placement of the rods and making sure that each perm rod is rolled evenly with the same amount of strength will determine how even each curl will turn out. Also choosing the right rod size on different hair thickness is essential to make sure that the curls turn out the way it should be.


    Your stylist aka the Chef

    Control of the heat from the Perm Machine and the water on the hair is equivalent to operating a "slow cooker" which will determine how the dish will turn out to be. Similarly this will determine if the curls will turn out frizzy or dry. With good control, the hair should still maintain its shine and condition.


    Your stylist aka the Technician

    Making sure that the fixing lotion is applied evenly and left on the hair the right amount of time to ensure that the hair will turn out in good condition. Leaving the lotion too long on the hair will only make the hair dry.


    Your stylist aka the Teacher

    YOU, as the customer must be able to replicate the same way of blowdrying your curls at home otherwise the perm will only be "nice at the salon." So make sure that your stylist teaches you and let you hands on at the salon.